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Charity Recycling Service is a textile collection company that collects for, buys from, and helps transport clothing and household items for a multitude of nonprofit organizations, and several for-profit entities.

This collection of reusable products allows our company to have a sustainable positive impact on the people in our communities and around the world. We provide viable fundraising opportunities for nonprofits & schools by supplying an outlet to sell used and unwanted clothing, clothing accessories, and household items. These recyclable items can either be collected by a clothing drive, or by sponsoring a branded bin. For many small, local charities, and underfunded schools these proceeds are life sustaining to their programs.

Our company is providing hundreds of people, both in our local communities here in the United States and in multiple impoverished countries, with secure, sustainable income. We also support local USA made products such as our stainless steel bins.  By redistributing the reusable products, we are also providing low cost necessities to those who may not be able to buy them at full price from retail establishments.  Our efforts also save precious, diminishing space in the ever expanding landfills. and allow municipalities to reduce their dumping fees.

Our driving purpose is protecting the environment. Our recycling program keeps millions of pounds of unwanted items out of the landfills by reusing them or transforming them instead into other usable products . These efforts save countless gallons of water & fuel as well as stop the release of millions of pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. Recycling efforts are growing in America, but are still just a small fraction of what we could be recycling.

Bin technology

Sensors tell us when clothes need to be collected

Data and metrcis are provided for your organization to communicate social, economic and enviromental impact

Sensors minimize our fuel consumption and carbon footprint

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Marketing kits are provided. These customizable resources are available for:


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