• Help your school by bringing your used clothes & shoes.
  • The more you donate, the more your school earns!

A bin is placed at your school for year round collection




1) Fill out easy forms confirming contact information

2) Potential bin locations are chosen & emailed back for approval

3) Bin is placed within 10 business days. Alert the community

4) Start donating! Checks & poundage reports will be sent quaterly

Every pound collected is diverted from filling local landfills, giving those items a second life


We love how we have involved our community in recycling! We take the money we earn and apply it to where funds are needed.

Dr. Janet Blanchette; Principal, Lovin ES

Having this bin is a win-win. It teaches our children to donate and recycle and the proceeds help with our outdoor classroom.

Dr. Janet Blanchette; Principal, Lovin ES
Is this a Gwinnett County Public Schools approved program?

It sure is! GCPS approved this program to bring this amazing recycling and fundraising opportunity to your school.

How does our school make money from this program?

Every quarter your school will receive an easy to read report of how much your bin collected/diverted from landfills, along with a check for $0.10/lb for all collected items.

How big is the bin?

This a stainless steel, made in USA bin that takes up less than 1/4 of a parking space.

What do we have to do to maintain the bin?

Absolutely nothing. We only ask that you promote recycling to the students and their families at your school. Charity Recycling provides templates for email blasts, Twitter posts, Facebook posts, announcements and flyers in the backpacks are some great ways to get the word out!

How will Charity Recycling Service know where to place the bin at our school?

We will send you a site plan with two options clearly marked on it. Check off which option you desire, and we will place the bin at that location. You may also request a specific location; some examples are in a parking spot, in the grass near the car pool lane, and most importantly somewhere visible to the community.

When will we get our recycling bin?

Once the sign up form has been submitted and a spot has been chosen your bin will be delivered within two weeks.

Do I have to meet with the Charity Recycling Service driver to accept the bin?

As much as we love meeting our GCPS school partners, it is not necessary.

What are some examples of acceptable items to recycle?

Sample items include: clothing, shoes, jeans, t-shirts, hats, caps, dresses, suits, pants, boots, belts, purses, back packs, etc.
Signage placed on the bin lists for commonly accepted items. Keep in mind anything that you would find in a thrift store can be put into the bin.
Although you cannot put your paper and cardboard in these bins, you could use the money earned from the CRS bin to then pay a hauler to recycle your paper and cardboard! A win-win!

How often will our bin be serviced?

We have installed smart sensors which tell us when to empty your bin, and we will empty it on an as needed basis. If you ever need an extra pick up, please call the CRS Service line: 800-459-1256 hit option “8”.

How do I get started?

Fill out the form, if you do not have a sign up form. Send your school name and phone number, your name, email address & cell number to aburroughs@charityrecyclingservice.com or call or text Andrea directly: 404-663-5755.